Tonic & Anti-oxidant Lotion


Newest Biotechnological Plant Complex Oligopeptides and Caffeine

  • Reduce Hair Loss
  • Stimulating the bruising
  • Maintaining Protein Metabolism
  • Fighting Oxidative Stress

Unique biotechnological plant mix alternative to human hair keratin, which reduces hair loss and nourishes hair.

Tonic & Anti-oxidant Lotion

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  • Spray 10-15 times directly on the hair roots and massage gently with clean fingers using small circular movements. Leave on at least 1-2 hours and rinse off with water if necessary. Repeat it 2-3 times a week, especially in autumn and spring, when the hair loss is elated.

    • Contains sulphur-rich onion extract, phyto-steroids and flavonoids that acts as antioxidants.
    • Contains a complex vitamins B (B3, B5, B6, B8) which are considered to be vitamins of the hair. They nourish, strengthen and help reduce hair loss.
    • Rich in soy proteins and sulphopeptides with a unique structure that simulates hair keratin, offering unique protection, while at the same time reconstructing fragile and dull hair.
    • Contains a combination of caffeine and ginseng extract that stimulate the scalp and increase the penetration and efficacy of the active ingredients.