DHI Tonic & Antioxidant Lotion

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Newest Biotechnological Plant Complex Oligopeptides and Caffeine

  • Reduce Hair Loss
  • Stimulating the bruising
  • Maintaining Protein Metabolism
  • Fighting Oxidative Stress

Unique biotechnological plant mix alternative to human hair keratin, which reduces hair loss and nourishes hair.

Active Ingredients:

  • Contains sulphur-rich onion extract, phyto-steroids and flavonoids that acts as antioxidants.
  • Contains a complex vitamins B (B3, B5, B6, B8) which are considered to be vitamins of the hair. They nourish, strengthen and help reduce hair loss.
  • Rich in soy proteins and sulphopeptides with a unique structure that simulates hair keratin, offering unique protection, while at the same time reconstructing fragile and dull hair.
  • Contains a combination of caffeine and ginseng extract that stimulate the scalp and increase the penetration and efficacy of the active ingredients.


Shake well before use. Wash your hair. Apply and massage through out scalp and hair. Do not rinse. Repeat every day on wet water. For daily use.

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